• Rachel E. Pollock

The Frankenstein Bicentennial...

In honor of the 200th anniversary of the publication of Mary Shelley's FRANKENSTEIN, several of us (faculty and students) at UNC-Chapel Hill are working on a range of exciting projects and events to celebrate.

We (meaning the costume production graduate program in the department of dramatic art) are collaborating with some professors and undergrads in a literature course which focuses entirely on the novel. They're curating an exhibit from our archives about the book's publication, and we're creating two costume displays: Frankenstein himself, which will be exhibited at the Museum of Science Fiction Escape Velocity conference in DC in May, and an 1818 gown such as Mary might have worn when summering at the Villa Diodati when she wrote her first draft, which will first be shown here on campus before traveling to DC to meet up with "Frank" for the MoSF conference.

It's been so exciting to work across departments on this for the celebration of a legendary female author and a seminal work of existential speculative fiction.

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