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Pre-order our book! Creators of Character

I spent my pandemic summer of 2020 writing portions of the draft for this forthcoming book, A History of the Theatre Costume Business: Creators of Character, with my coauthors Triffin and Gregory Morris, and it's now available for pre-order!

The best way to pre-order is to call or visit your local independent bookstore--that will let them know that people are interested in the book and consider stocking it.

The second-best thing is to order directly from the publisher, here at this link.

And, the book can also be pre-ordered on Amazon, here.

Other excellent things you can do to support our work:

I wrote most of the chapter, "A Stitch in Time: the early designer-drapers" and portions of the chapter, "The Coming of the Continentals: light hands for ballet and opera."

The 232-page book--releasing on September 30, 2021--will include 159 full-color illustrations and photographs. We're planning some book parties post-release, so I'll share more info on those when I get it. Triffin and I will also be filming a book preview panel for a YouTube video releasing in August.

More news on release parties and such to come!

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