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Artists After Hours feature interview, January 2017, College of Arts and Sciences UNC-Chapel Hill

"Eccentric, endearing and horrifying when it needs to be, Pollack’s [sic] story is playful and sweet without ever losing its edge."

-- Alasdair Stuart on "Tidewrack Medusa"

"I love the physical thickness of the writing, and the sense of constant invention--the detail and cogitation and materials and text and hand-work of the maker at her labor, and the delicacy and precision with which she renders it. The emotional content is tightly held--the tone is detached in a very particular way, which seems intentional, and leaves me feeling a bit chilled, in an interesting and memorable way."

-- Fourth Genre's acceptance response to "How to Tar and Feather a Thief"


"Clear, sharp instructions (with a bit of sass too; don't forget the safety goggles!) & precise illustrations, plus lovely photos, make the book invaluable."

-- Trystan L. Bass on Sticks in Petticoats: Parasol Manufacture for the Modern Costumer

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