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Minneapolis novella residency

Here's some cool news: I've created a summer writing residency for myself, in a manner of speaking, in Minneapolis-St. Paul. A colleague works for a commercial costume production company up here and offered me a six-week summer contract helping on a current project and strategizing digital applications to the expansion of their business. But, that leaves me evenings and weekends free to write, and if you know anything about literary Minneapolis, you know that there are loads of local resources for writers!

So, i joined the Loft Literary Center (wish we had something like this in the NC Triangle area!) and have enrolled in a novella class as a formal means to focus on new work. I'll also get to attend the Twin Cities Antiquarian & Rare Book Fair while i'm here, which is also something i'm looking forward to.

In terms of social media, I'll mostly be Instagramming all this if you are so inclined.

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