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News for the first couple months of 2016

Perhaps the most exciting is that I’ve been awarded a one-week writing residency at Wildacres retreat in western North Carolina. I’ve heard a lot of truly amazing things about Wildacres, both from colleagues at work who’ve been past residents and from friends and family who have attended workshops and classes there. I’m honored and thrilled to have been offered a place there for the summer of 2016! In the realm of my technical writing on the subject of costume production, I have an article in this month’s issue of Stage Directions on a survey of mask making media, conducted and co-authored with one of my former graduate students, Candyce McClernan. And, in February I was interviewed by the editor of USITT’s Sightlines about (among other things) my costume craftwork blog, La Bricoleuse. While I regularly review topical books on costume history and production in said blog, I’ve also penned a couple of novel reviews recently for the lifestyle webzine Still Weird: Tyler McMahon’s punk/grunge paean How the Mistakes Were Made, and Cathi Unsworth’s postpone crime novel The Singer.

So, that's the scoop on the writing front at present. Hope your year is going similarly well!

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