• Rachel E. Pollock

I'm on Goodreads now!

I mean, i've been on Goodreads as a reader for a couple of years now, but now I'm on there also as a Goodreads Author! Exciting.

It's pretty gratifying to have published enough stuff to be accepted in their Author program, even if it really seems to just mean that there's one more social media page to diddle with its profile. At least on Goodreads there seems to be (on the fora and friends' feeds i follow at least) a really high signal-to-noise ratio, compared to the cat macros and Buzzfeed quizzes and "share this if you know someone who has had cancer" posts (um, who doesn't?) of Facebook.

And I gather authors are discouraged by Goodreads from getting into flamewars. C'est la vie.


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